Team leders

Check at the registration desk to find what room your team will be working in.

Project coordinator Neel Smith, with team leaders:

  • Team 1: Maia Lee-Chin. Initial assignment: urn:cts:mid:bestiaries.bern318.hc:leo on urn:cite2:mid:bern318pages.v1:7r
  • Team 2: Luke Giuntoli and Allyn Waller. Initial assignment: urn:cts:mid:bestiaries.bern318.hc:aesaura on urn:cite2:mid:bern318pages.v1:8v
  • Team 3: Dane Scott. Initial assignment: urn:cts:mid:bestiaries.bern318.hc:calatrius on urn:cite2:mid:bern318pages.v1:9r
  • Team 4: Nick Guarracino and Sophia Sarro. Initial assignment: urn:cts:mid:bestiaries.bern318.hc:aquila on urn:cite2:mid:bern318pages.v1:10v

Project coordinator Stephanie Lindeborg, with team leaders:

  • Team 5: James Garry and Emily Vogelsperger. Initial assignment: urn:cts:mid:bestiaries.bern318.hc:leo on urn:cite2:mid:bern318pages.v1:7r
  • Team 6: Zachary Sowerby. Initial assignment: urn:cts:mid:bestiaries.bern318.hc:hypopus on urn:cite2:mid:bern318pages.v1:11r
  • Team 7: Jack Champagne. Initial assignment: urn:cts:mid:bestiaries.bern318.hc:vipera on urn:cite2:mid:bern318pages.v1:11v.
  • Team 8: Genevieve Galarneau. Initial assignment: urn:cts:mid:bestiaries.bern318.hc:formica on urn:cite2:mid:bern318pages.v1:12v

Project coordinator Brian Clark, with team leaders:

  • Team 9: Jeffrey Dickinson. Initial assignment: urn:cts:mid:bestiaries.bern318.hc:serena_honocentaur on urn:cite2:mid:bern318pages.v1:13r
  • Team 10: Thomas Posillico. Initial assignment: urn:cts:mid:bestiaries.bern318.hc:ericius on urn:cite2:mid:bern318pages.v1:14r
  • Team 11: Michael Raheb. Initial assignment: urn:cts:mid:bestiaries.bern318.hc:vulpes on urn:cite2:mid:bern318pages.v1:14v
  • Team 12: Michael Kelley. Initial assignment: urn:cts:mid:bestiaries.bern318.hc:panther on urn:cite2:mid:bern318pages.v1:15r