Holy Cross Manuscripts Hackathon, February 24, 2018



  1. Register and find your team leaders.
  2. Verify that one (or more) of your team’s computers is fully configured.
  3. Download a zip file with data and templates for editing

See a schedule for the day.

What is our manuscripts hackathon?

  • A free, one-day workshop for secondary-school teachers and students.
  • You’ll learn how to read and edit Latin manuscripts.
  • No prior experience with manuscripts or editing is required. Students should currently be taking a Latin class (any level).
  • We’ll create a digital edition of a cool 9th-century Latin manuscript with illustrated allegorical stories about animals (lions, mandrakes, snakes, pelicans and more).
  • You bring a laptop and enthusiasm: we’ll provide lunch, snacks and training (and occasional examples of rhetorical figures like zeugma).
  • Our work will be submitted to a new publication series, Holy Cross Digital Diplomatic Editions. If our work is accepted, your name will apear in the list of contributing editors! (The new series will be published as part of the Holy Cross Library’s digital Institutional Repository, CrossWorks.)

Who’s doing this?

The hackathon is organized by undergraduate students and alumni of the Manuscripts, Inscriptions and Documents Club (HCMID) at the College of the Holy Cross.

Date, time, location

Saturday, February 24, 9:00-4:30, in Hogan Center at the College of the Holy Cross.

More information

How to get to Holy Cross

Folio 22 recto


You can reach hackathon organizer Hannah Nguyen or faculty advisor Neel Smith by email at manuscripthackathon2018@gmail.com.

Gratias agimus

We are grateful to the College of the Holy Cross’ Ignite Fund for making this event possible.