HC MID Devoted to the study of incompletely published primary sources

Guest lectures and events

Manuscript hackathon!

  • February, 2018: teams of secondary school students and teachers spent a full day on the Holy Cross campus editing the Bern Physiologus.

Digital Classicist New England

HC MID is a participating institution in the Digital Classicist New England group. Like the other members of the group, we host presentations of work in progress, and present our own work at other institutions. (See some links at Digital Classicist “works in progress”.)

Our contributions to date:

  • 2015: Thomas Köntges, “Petronius’ Satyrica and Text-Criticism in an Open Accessible World” (respondent presentation Christine Bannan)
  • March, 2014: Hosted at HC MID: Maxim Romanov, “Studying Classical Arabic Sources in the Digital Age: Social Geography and Social History” and Christine Bannan, “Reassessing the Athenian Tribute Lists”
  • February, 2013: Presented at Tufts University, Matt Angiolillo ‘13, Tom Arralde ‘13, Nik Churik ‘15, Brian Clark ‘13, Stephanie Lindeborg ‘13 , Becky Musgrave ‘14, “Research on manuscripts of the Homer Multitext project

Other talks and guest speakers

  • October, 2016, Walter Scheirer and Chris Forstall, “Quantitative Intertextuality for Texts Ancient and Modern”
  • September, 2016, Thomas Köntges, “Quid novi: a story of five centuries of Petronius research and me”
  • October, 2013: Mike Kinney, “Manuscripts of Jerome’s Chronicles
  • September, 2012: Colleen Curran, “Word and Image in Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts”