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MID in Kraków, Poland

Conference notes from faculty advisor Neel Smith: MID in Kraków, Poland, for DH2016

HC MID was represented by three entries in the program for Digital Humanities 2016, the annual meeting of the ADHO, where members of seven scholarly societies from around the globe gathered.

The MID reunion brought together (L to R, with Wawel Castle in background) Brian Clark ‘15, Melody Wauke ‘17, Claude Hanley ‘18 and Stephanie Lindeborg ‘13.

On Wednesday, Brian, Claude and Melody first presented their poster on “Using Digital Editions to Analyze Iliadic Text Reuse and its Poetic Tradition” at the conference Poster Slam. That evening at the open poster session, they were at home fielding questions from a steady stream of visitors (The published abstract of their paper was co-authored with Charlie Schufreider ’17.)

When we went out for dinner afterwards, they were still smiling, and still fully badged up!

On Thursday, Alex Simrell ‘16 was colisted on the program with his mentor in Zagreb (when Alex will be a Fulbright Scholar next year), Neven Jovanović. Seen here asking Stephanie a question at her presentation, Prof. Jovanović presented their join paper “Implementing Canonical Text Services in the Croatiae Auctores Latini Digital Collection.” (Abstract here.)

In the following session, Stephanie and I spoke on “Comparing Digital Scholarly Editions”. (Our abstract is here. ) Stephanie was completely calm before our presentation, and was able to keep smiling when it was my turn to talk.

Stephanie and I also took advantage of the official DH2016 conference cut out.

And of course we all ganged up for a Purple Photo.

But with MID classes of ‘13, ‘15, ‘16 and ‘17 on the program, I can’t help but ask: class of ‘14, don’t forget us! We want to stay in touch with you, too!

Neel Smith (faculty advisor to MID)