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Holy Cross SGA names MID a 'Groundbreaking Organization'

Yesterday, at the online version of the Holy Cross Student Government Association’s end-of-year awards, HC MID was recognized as a “Groundbreaking Organization.” Congratulations to everyone who has taken part in a HC MID work session since the first informal gatherings in the fall of 2010!

MID continues to break new ground. Today, as part of Holy Cross’ spring Academic Conference, instead of the planned oral presentations, we are offering two glimpses of work in progress here on our web site. In the faculty advisor’s note accompanying those presentations, I allude to innovations that MID members are already discussing as we continue to work out how to respond to the corona virus pandemic — restructuring research projects, and outreach to alumni. There will be more to say in the future, but gI am confident that you will see blog posts here announcing initiatives we would never have imagined before the virus.