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More Fulbright Scholarships for MID members

For the third consecutive year, MID members have won Fulbright Scholarships. Chris Ryan ‘16, who studied in Athens during his junior year, has received a Fulbright to teach English in Greece next year. Alex Simrell ‘16 will work next year with Latinists at Zagreb University in Croatia on a collaborative research project, the Croatiae auctores Latini (CroALa). Alex’s research project involves appyling the methodology he and other MID members have helped develop for the Homer Multitext project to CroALa’s large digital corpus of Latin texts.

Alex is the third consecutive MID member to receive a Fulbright to continue and extend work begun in MID. He follows Nik Churik ‘15 (currently a Fulbright Scholar at Leiden University in the Netherlands), and Christine Roughan ‘14 (Fulbright Scholar at Leipzig University, Germany, in 2014-2015).

Congratulations to Chris and Alex!