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MID trifecta in Kraków

MID will be represented at Digital Humanities 2016 in Kraków, Poland, this July by three presentations.

  • Brian Clark ’15, Claude Hanley ’18, Charlie Schufreider ’17 and Melody Wauke ’17 will present a poster on their research entitled “Using Digital Editions to Analyze Iliadic Text Reuse and its Poetic Tradition”.
  • Alex Simrell ’16 is co-author of a paper with Prof. Neven Jovanovič (University of Zagreb) on “Implementing Canonical Text Services in the Croatiae Auctores Latini Digital Collection”.
  • Stephanie Lindeborg ’13 and MID advisor Neel Smith will co-present a paper on “Comparing Digital Scholarly Editions”.

This year’s conference had a record number of submissions (more than 650). Congratulations to all three groups for their successful applications.

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