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Fulbright for Nik Churik '15 to study MSS in Leiden

Four-year MID member Nik Churik has won a Fulbright to extend his research on Byzantine paraphrases of and glosses on the Iliad at the University of Leiden (Netherlands) next year. As a member of MID, Nik participated in the Homer Multitext seminar at the Center for Hellenic Studies, and twice was funded for summer research at Holy Cross on the Homer Multitext project. He has presented his research at a large number of events outside of Holy Cross, most recently in Bern, Switzerland, with Brian Clark ‘15 at the conference “Scholarship in Software, Software as Scholarship”, where they spoke about “Composing living scholarship: applying automated acceptance tests to scholarly writing.”

This is the second consecutive year work at MID has led to Fulbrights. Christine Roughan ‘14 is in Leipzig, Germany, this year, expanding on her undergraduate work on editing mathematical texts with diagrams in a project entitled, “Open Euclid,” a part of the larger “Open Greek and Latin” initiative at Leipzig.