Team leaders

Check at the registration desk to find what room your team will be working in.

Hogan 406, project coordinator Neel Smith, with team leaders:

  • Richard Ciolek, team 1. Initial assignment: Hercules, on urn:cite2:mid:.v1:2r (top). (Team leader )
  • Jack Champagne, team 2: The Crown, on urn:cite2:mid:bern88pages.v1:2r (bottom).
  • Maia Lee-Chin, team 3: Ophiuchus, on urn:cite2:mid:bern88pages.v1:2v (top).
  • Sophia Sarro, team 4: Virgo, Spica, etc., on urn:cite2:mid:bern88pages.v1:2v (bottom).

Hogan 401, project coordinator Stephanie Lindeborg, with team leaders:

  • Mark Edwards, team 5: Virgo, on urn:cite2:mid:bern88pages.v1:3r (top).
  • James Garry, team 6: Gemini, on urn:cite2:mid:bern88pages.v1:3r (bottom).
  • Genevieve Galarneau, team 7: Cancer, on urn:cite2:mid:bern88pages.v1:3v (top).

Hogan 402, project coordinator Brian Clark, with team leaders:

  • Emily Vogelsperger, team 8: Leo, on urn:cite2:mid:bern88pages.v1:3v (bottom).
  • Julia Spiegel, team 9: Pisces, on urn:cite2:mid:bern88pages.v1:4r (top).
  • Zach Sowerby, team 10: Perseus, on urn:cite2:mid:bern88pages.v1:4r (bottom).