CitableTeiReaders.jl Documentation

Read documents in TEI XML and other formats into citable text objects.


The package name is misleading: converting text documents into citable text objects is not limited to TEI-compliant XML or even to XML at all.

Quick example

In the test/data directory of this repository, the file aratea.xml is a TEI document cited by poetic line (TEI l element within text/body). We will start by using three packages to work with citable texts, and by defining the URN for the text to read.

using CitableTeiReaders
using CitableText, CitableBase

f = joinpath(root, "test", "data", "aratea.xml")
arateaurn = CtsUrn("urn:cts:latinLit:phi0881.phi003.bern88:")

We can create a citable corpus with the readcitable function.

corpus = readcitable(f, arateaurn, TEIPoeticLine, FileReader)
Corpus with 6 citable passages in 1 documents.