HC MID Devoted to the study of incompletely published primary sources

The St. Isidore Research Lab

The St. Isidore of Seville Research Lab in Fenwick 406 hosts a local area network with two servers and six client computers. The two servers are visible on the internet; the client machines are not.

Resources available to club members

Club members may use the shared oxygen user account on any of the client computers. These are iMacs installed in the lab in August, 2015. Club members may also request a user account on http://shot.holycross.edu. You have access to and can use your files on shot from any of the client computers in the lab. All content on shot is backed up once an hour.

Client machines: the oxygen account

In addition to standard Mac OS X applications including a terminal for running a bash shell and TextEdit for simple text editing, the shared oxygen account on the client machines includes:

  • Atom configured for editing tabular data, TEI XML, Markdown and code
  • pandoc, a “universal document converter”
  • sophokeys, a polytonic Greek keyboard input method. (The oxygen account is configured to use command-space as a shortcut for cycling through keyboard input methods.)
  • MacTex for typesetting with LaTex
  • Openly licensed fonts including a selection from the Greek Font Society
  • Gimp for bitmapped graphics
  • Inkscape for vector graphics
  • MuseScore for composing musical scores

Client machines: the classics account

The client machines have an account named classics with administrative privileges. Authorized lab monitors and other members of the club who are helping maintain the lab may also be given access to the classics account.