HC MID Devoted to the study of incompletely published primary sources

Technical checklist

Any HCMID member with access to the internet on your phone or a computer can take part in collaborative editing sessions, in one of these roles:

  • consultant
  • editor
  • session host


Consultants can read manuscripts online and take part in the team’s video chats. Requirements: a device (computer, tablet, phone) with internet access and:


Editors can do everything consultants can do, plus they can directly edit the team’s XML documents and structured text files. Requirements: in addition to the requirements for consultants, editors need:

  • a computer with the Atom editor, and the teletype plugin. Test: when you open Atom, you should find an icon like the one marked here at the bottom of your Atom window, and be able to open a menu as illustrated here by clicking on it.

Session host

Session hosts manage the team’s github repository, and run validation scripts to check the team’s editorial work. Requirements: in addition to the requirements for editors, session hosts need:

  • a working account on github. Test: you know your github password and can actually login!
  • bash shell and git. Test: if you open a bash shell, type which git, you see some result.
  • a working account on dockerhub. Test: you know your dockerhub password and can actually login!
  • either Docker Desktop (OS X users) or Docker Toolbox (Windows users). Test: open a bash shell (OS X users) or a Docker shell (Windows users) and type docker run hello-world. You should see docker download a Docker image and run a Docker container that (eventually) writes some output to your terminal.