HC MID Devoted to the study of incompletely published primary sources

Editing XML texts in the St. Isidore of Seville research lab


  • Our editorial work is shared using repositories on github.com. Please open a (free) account on github.
  • If you do not already have an account in the Isidore of Seville research lab, you will need to create one. Please read carefully:
    1. the lab security requirements
    2. guide to choosing a secure password

Routine work procedure

  1. On one of the client machines in the lab, log in as the user oxygen. (You will be given the password to the oxygen account after you have established your own account on the server.)
  2. From the Finder, choose “Connect to server…”, and connect to afp://shot.holycross.edu
  3. Use your personal account on the server to connect to shot.holycross.edu: you should then see a new icon on your Desktop with the contents of your personal account
  4. As you work on your project, be sure to save all your editing work on your account, not on the oxygen account. You should leave no files on the Desktop of the local oxygen account.
  5. When you are through working, be sure to disconnect your account and log out.