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Upcoming events

Coming up from HC MID members and alums##

  • July, 2017, Keystone DH (Philadelphia, PA): Claude Hanley, Julia Spiegel, Zak Sowerby, “The Homer Multitext Project and the Development of Greek Accent Notation”
  • October, 2017, CAAS (New York). Richard Ciolek, Jeffrey Dickinson, Melissa Gryan, Michael Raheb, and William Walker, “A Diplomatic Digital Edition of Pliny the Elder’s Bamberg Manuscript”
  • October, 2017, CAAS (New York). Workshop “Using Manuscripts in All Levels of the Latin Classroom”, Toni Armstrong (Clark University), Jeffrey Dickinson, Allyn Waller with Stephanie Lindeborg ‘13
  • Dec., 2017, Manuscripts Hackathon! (at Holy Cross: organized and led by Hannah Nguyen and Hanna Seariac).