HC MID Devoted to the study of incompletely published primary sources

End-of-year retrospective

It was another productive year for HC MID, and busy enough that it was hard to keep up to date with club members’ many accomplishments. Here are a few highlights from 2016-2017:

  • Melody Wauke was selected for a Fulbright to teach English in Greece next year, the fourth consecutive year club members have won Fulbrights.
  • Twenty-two club members presented results of their work at the April Academic Symposium!
  • The map of MID talks and presentations has now expanded to include ten countris, and six states in the US.
  • MID members continue to compete successfully for summer research opportunities, and for funding under new college programs introduced this year.

MID members gave talks and led workshops at the following conferences:

  • May 2017, Charlie Schufrieder and Melody Wauke, “Recovering the history of Iliadic scholia: architecture and initial results from the Homer Multitext project” (Heidelberg, Germany: “Digital Classics III: Re-thinking Text Analysis”)
  • March 2017, with Stephanie Lindeborg ‘13 (Boston Latin Academy and Homer Multitext Project), Toni Armstrong (Clark University), Jeffrey Dickinson, Michael Raheb and Julia Spiegel, “Bringing Manuscripts into the Classroom.”
  • October 2016, Melody Wauke (with Neel Smith), “Data science in your Latin classroom,” Classical Association of Massachusetts.

Club members have already had papers accepted at upcoming conferences:

  • July, 2017, Keystone DH (Philadelphia, PA): Claude Hanley, Julia Spiegel, Zak Sowerby, “The Homer Multitext Project and the Development of Greek Accent Notation”
  • October, 2017, CAAS (New York). Richard Ciolek, Jeffrey Dickinson, Melissa Gryan, Michael Raheb, and William Walker, “A Diplomatic Digital Edition of Pliny the Elder’s Bamberg Manuscript”
  • October, 2017, CAAS (New York). Workshop with Stephanie. “Using Manuscripts in All Levels of the Latin Classroom”, Toni Armstrong, Clark University, Jeffrey Dickinson, Allyn Waller with Stephanie Lindeborg ‘13

Under new programs through the Center for Liberal Arts in the World, Rich Ciolek worked as a Research Associate with Professors Joseph and Smith on a corpus of Free Latin And Greek (HC FLAG). Three proposals from MID members were funded for the coming year:

  • Liam Prendergast, “Parsing Greek hexameter”
  • Melissa Gryan, “Ancients in the Worcester Art Museum”
  • Hannah Nguyen and Hanna Seariac, “Manuscript Hack-a-thon”

In addition, alum Alex Simrell ‘16 talked about his experience MID to Croatian colleagues hoping to create a similar extra-curricular club:

  • March 2017, Alex Simrell, “The Holy Cross Manuscripts, Inscriptions, and Documents Club: What We Do and How You Can Too!” (Dubrovnik, Croatia, Classical High School).

Alex also stayed busy with his work on a digital corpus of Croatian Neo-Latin, and spoke several times about that extension of his experience with MID:

  • May 2017, Alex Simrell, “The Importance of Citation in “Digital Humanities”: Producing a CTS Version of Tyrolean Neo-Latin Texts” (Innsbruck, Austria, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Neo-Latin Studies).
  • April 2017, Alex Simrell, “Alex Simrell (Zagreb): Digitalna analiza imena mjesta u Bunićevu epu De raptu Cerberi” (Split, Croatia: Marulićevi Dani Conferene).
  • January 2017, with Neven Jovanovic (University of Zagreb), Alex Simrell “Digital commenting on place names in early modern Latin texts” (Leipzig, Germany: “Global Philology – Digital Infrastructure for Named Entities Data”)